Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Anxious!

These last few days have been ridiculous! Loren and I are so ready to have our little girl finally in our home and out of my belly! Yesterday Loren was talking to her and told her that he's ready to hold her, but she has to be brave and come out first and I totally agree! But I'm also a bit sick of being pregnant...the morning sickness is back again in full swing and between having contractions and having to pee all day long I'm getting a bit tired of it all! The frustrating thing is that I'll get contractions that will start to follow a pattern and get stronger then just as I'm beginning to think, ok this might be it, they'll stop. Anyone have any more suggestions on how to get this going?? We've tried everything except caster oil because I refuse to drink something that disgusting that may not work ;). Poor Loren's probably getting tired of me making him walk so far every night!
But looking at the positive things! We've gotten most everything ready for her to come. (I hope.) And the crib will be here tomorrow. And she got a name earlier this week! After much discussion and hard deliberating we've decided to name her Alysha Renae Honeycutt. Now if only she'd hurry up and decide that she wants to get here already! My doctor told me to shoot for Sunday so that her birthday will 10/10/10. Maybe Alysha likes that idea too :). We'll find out!