Monday, January 23, 2012

She works hard for her money

So after much thought and deliberation, Beth and Loren decided that Beth should go back to work. :)

I wasn't upset by this at all. I really enjoy working. I enjoy being a CNA. I enjoy making a difference in people's lives. So back I went to Idaho Falls Care and Rehab. We decided that I should work just Saturdays and Sundays while Loren's home to take care of Aly. It's a little tough to give up my weekends, and to give up all that time I used to spend with Loren, but the extra money coming in will be worth it. It's only temporary, maybe a year, so that we can get on top of things and get some money finally saved up.

I started this last Saturday and worked 6 to 6. LONG DAY. By the time I got home, my legs, feet, and hips hurt. I spent the rest of the night on a heating pad! But working my 2-10 shift on Sunday was a lot better.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

This year we were crazy and decided it would be a good idea to go to Pocatello for New Year's Eve. It was super fun to see our friends that recently moved there. And we got to meet Loren's brother's new girlfriend, but trying to get up 4 hours after falling asleep to go to church was not a great plan!
2011 was a good year. We got to take many trips to see family, including my trip to DC and our camping week with my Grandparents. We were able to attend Loren's sister's wedding. Aly learned to crawl, walk, talk, clap, wave, and some animal noises. She's so darling. She's the most special thing in our lives. Loren and I are so blessed to have her. I love our little family. :)
Goals for the year including eating healthier, being happier, and keeping the house cleaner. I need to lose weight, but that's not as important to me and simply eating better and helping my family eat better. Adding more veggies into our diet, etc. I just want to be happier with myself, to feel more content.

Christmas Review

So like I said we went to Herriman to visit family for Christmas. It was SO relaxing! We spent Friday evening at Temple Square in SLC. Alysha loved all the lights! And I loved showing her all around one of my favorite places. It was FREEZING, but so worth walking the 4 blocks to get there. :)
Saturday was spent with most of Loren's siblings. It was a crazy house. There were children EVERYWHERE!! Alysha had a great time. She loved following the big kids around. She must have learned something from them all cuz she's been into a lot more things since! She's gotten a lot more rowdy and bold!
Loren's brother's house is up on a mountain. There were deer all over! It was so fun to stand on the back porch and feed them old apples. There were 3 bucks that wandered around and a few times we caught them fighting with each other.
Christmas eve was great. We opened our Christmas pjs and read some scriptures from the Book of Mormon about when Christ was born. Alysha was so overstimulated from the day that she had a mini melt-down and needed a bath and bedtime a little bit early :). Loren spent the evening bonding with his brothers :). They watched a man movie and I went to bed. haha
While we were sleeping, Santa Claus *magically* filled the living room with presents. I mean filled. There was 13 of us sleeping there so naturally there was a lot of presents. :)
Loren spoiled me thoroughly. He is so amazing and always makes me feel so special. This year he got me all sorts of things to help me feel prettier. I've been struggling with that a lot lately. He got me a new dress and shoes, earrings, a gift certificate for a new set of nails, and a great new body pillow! It was so fun to watch Alysha discover all her toys. She's still discovering them now a week later :). She got some blocks, paints, books, a keyboard, and some other little things. Another great part of the day was that it was 50 degrees! We barbequed fish and steaks for dinner! What a great day!
Monday we woke up and found that Santa had come again. Loren and I woke up to find an electric keyboard under the tree for us from his brother and sister-in-law. I was so happy I cried! I couldn't believe that they'd gotten that for us! It meant so much to me to be able to have a small piano in our home. We decided that since I'd never been to IKEA we'd make a trip over and wander around there. Wow that's a fantastic store!! It's a very good thing we don't have one in Idaho Falls. I'd be addicted!!! I found many things in there that I wanted :)
Tuesday we left to go home and got to meet up with another sister of Loren's in IF for ice cream. It's good to see family around the holidays.