Monday, September 24, 2012

Ch Ch Changes

So many changes in our home!
1: Loren and I are expecting again!!! We've had two ultrasounds checking on everything and I've made it to 13 1/2 weeks! We're VERY excited! Our new little one makes an appearance at the end of March 2013.
2: Aly is now in a BIG GIRL BED! She started climbing out of her crib last week, so we had her sleeping on a mattress on the floor to see how she'd do. She is pretty good about staying there. Naps are a little bit harder since it's not dark outside, but she's learning. Yesterday we set up her "new" big girl bed! She had a great night in it last night. It's pretty much on the ground, so when she fell out of it at some point last night she just reached up and grabbed her pillow and blanket and slept on the floor instead. It was really cute :).
3: We started potty training today. She has been sitting on the potty for a few weeks now whenever we can catch her at the right moment, but I'm sitting her on there every 15 minutes tonight so she can get what's supposed to happen. I'm not expecting this to go quickly, but hopefully she'll catch on pretty fast.
4: Loren and I are officially house-hunting :). We have been around to see about 6 houses so far and we think we might have found the one. We're still just a little hesitant. It's scary! So we're going to look around a little bit more and decide for sure.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome to my busy life!

Tomorrow is the first day off I've had in a while. My weekends are so busy now that I'm working full-time again. I love feeling busy again. I'm really enjoying putting together my own lesson plans everyday. I like that I'm teaching four year olds because I can expect them to sit in their chairs and work on a worksheet and they actually can do it! They are actually teaching me a lot too. I've gotten a lot more patient and I've become a better morning person. That was a forced lesson ;). Alysha loves going everyday. She has made lots of friends! Today she actually threw a fit having to leave :). She's learning a lot. Like how to stick up for herself. How to get along with other kids. How to actually sit down and eat a meal. :) And today she pointed out some "A"s on signs. I was so proud :). She's also getting much better at counting. She still counts, 3, 2, 3, Go! But's progress :D. She's really the best.

Happy September

This is the classic I love my husband post :)

We celebrated our anniversary last week and I just am amazed at how much I still love him. :) With there being so many people around us having problems, I just can't imagine my life without Loren. I love how he's always supportive of my crazy ideas. I love how he works so hard for our family, to help us get ahead in our life. I love what a great father he is to our baby(s). ;) I love that I can count on him to pick up after my short-comings. We make a great team. These past years have been the best of my life. Can't wait for the years to come!