Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where does the time go?

I keep feeling like I need to update my blog, but today's one of those days where I feel incredibly picked on, so this might not be super perky....

Since our great waterfall experience we've had 2 more pipes break. I told Loren, you might not enjoy fixing all these, but just think! In a couple weeks we'll have totally new pipes in the whole house. :)

I've been faithfully going to zumba twice week, eating considerably more fruits and veggies, and just being more active and despite not seeing any change on the scale, I do notice that I feel happier during the day. I feel better about myself when I look in the mirror, although my clothes don't fit any better. I just overall have a little better attitude.

Aly's hitting the terrible twos hard this week. Temper-tantrums are the worst and make me very tired. She spends a lot of time on time-out for hitting Mommy, or not obeying. This morning she had to go back to bed for a while until she could come out and be happy. She just cried over anything and was wrecking my Sunday morning! She's at a fun age tho for all the summer activities. We're hoping for more sunshine this week so that we can go to the zoo and the swimming pool more.

Evy is getting more and more active and awake. Her cute little smiles are so sweet. We're working on laughing and trying to roll back over onto her tummy again. She can roll front to back tho. :) She's learning so much so fast. She's a little babbler, so we might be in for another big talker. Then we'll never have a moment of peace. ;)

We're looking forward to many summer trips this year. Yellowstone, SLC, Manti, etc...Should keep us entertained.