Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the Season


We started our vacation in Logan. We spent Wednesday night and Thursday with Loren's family in Smithfield. It was pretty quiet, but it was a yummy meal which is what Thanksgiving is all about ;). Early, early Friday morning we took off to Mt. Pleasant to my Grandparent's cabin. It's one of my favorite places ever, because of the people there. Alysha had a hard time being in the car that early in the morning, but she finally took a nap for the last hour of the 4 hour drive. We had a fantastic 2nd dinner and spent the rest of the day hanging with the family. Becky, Brian, and I had our annual Phase 10 championship and let the record show that Becky won 1st, and I won 2nd! (It was a big feat for us to beat him :)) We also did some crafts and made our candy countdowns for Christmas. I just love spending time with my family. We laugh so much and have so much fun! :) Alysha did awesome. She ran around with the other cousins and learned how to go up and down youngest cousin is only 11 months older than Alysha so there's really no age difference in my family. She fits right in :). Saturday most everyone had left the cabin already and the rest of us spent the day watching football (Go Michigan :)) and Loren and I took the 4-wheelers out for a drive. We went up a little too high and hit the snow and I got stuck! So we turned around and got Aly and drove back to Logan. Sunday we headed home.


This month has been pretty weird for me. I usually get way into the Holiday spirit, but I just can't drag myself out of a funk this year. We put up a tree, but it didn't really help. There's not enough snow outside and I miss the traditions I used to have. Everyone keeps telling me to get over it and start making our own traditions, which we are, but it's the first year without my family. I think I just need this year to get used to it and next year will be better. Tonight and Tomorrow we're doing our holiday baking and I'm really looking forward to the sweets! We have a lot that we have to do to get ready to leave next Thursday for Herriman. We're going to be spending Christmas with Loren's family again. But I did make plans with my aunt's family to spend Friday with them. I'm really excited for that. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like Loren's family! It's just unknown. It's hard for me to be excited without knowing what will be going on. I'm very tradition oriented. I guess this is the hard part of growing up...
But anyway, Alysha's excited. She loves Christmas trees. She doesn't touch ours, but anytime she sees a new one, her mouth drops open! She helps everyone open presents so I think she'll get opening hers in a few days. I can't believe how big she is. It's an amazing difference from last year. But just as fun. :) Merry Christmas!

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