Monday, July 26, 2010

Tons and Tons of Updates!

Oh my. My life is so insane and has changed so much lately!!

So tonight I have to play catch up like a lot.

Now I'm working full time at IFHR again and I'm enjoying it just as much as last time!! My residents are amazing and very happy to see me again.
I moved out of my parents house about a month ago and I love my roommates. They're great girls and we get along very well.
Loren has been up here lots and lots and I've been in Logan lots and lots. Loren got offered a full time job here in Idaho Falls and is moving up here in just under two weeks. I'm over the moon excited!!!! I can't wait til he lives 5 minutes away and I can see him whenever I want!
Speaking of Loren...WE'RE ENGAGED!!! I spent last week with him and his family in Smithfield and had a great time getting to know them better. They are a wonderful group of people. Saturday was the pioneer day celebration in Logan, so Loren and I walked around the festivities and enjoyed our time together. That night we decided to go to the fireworks at Willow Park. We hung with his sister and parents and one niece for a while...walked around the booths and listened to the music and talked a lot. When the fireworks started, we walked around the park a little to find a perfect spot to watch and just as the finale started Loren dropped to one knee and pulled out the PERFECT ring! And I said yes...I think...we actually talked about it later and I don't remember saying yes!! But he said I did! It was all such a blur to me! I remember hugging and kissing and crying a lot! Then we went and showed his parents and headed back to his parents house for the night. We are so excited and so happy!!
With this decision came the decision to keep our baby. We are very very excited to welcome this little girl into our new family! The plan is to get married before she comes, but I'll keep everyone updated!
My life is wild and crazy and I'm loving every bit of it!!

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