Friday, May 7, 2010

Updates everyone knows it's been a long time!!

Update on my surgery. It didn't go through in February due to some circustances arising, but I successfully had my first every surgery two weeks ago and everything went perfectly. I'm now gall bladder free and I can again freely eat my onion rings all I want.

I moved home in February also and I got extremely blessed with two jobs and a very cheep car almost falling into my lap within a week. I am now a happy employee of Fairwinds Assisted Living and Idaho Falls Care and Rehab. And I drive an 87 Honda Accord. Which is VERY loud. But it runs me to work and home everyday so it does it's purpose. It also got me too and from a much needed trip to Logan last week. I got to spend 5 days with the people that I love down there and just relax and not worry about when I was working next or where I had to go. Loren and I celebrated the 6 month anniversary of the night we met by going back to where we met so many months ago. We went country swing dancing at the funpark and had a wonderful time. Oh how I miss him up in Idaho.

Ok the last piece of business. I'm finally ok with telling people, but I'm pregnant. I'm about 15 weeks along as of yesterday. I'm very happy. And although Loren and I are continuing our relationship, neither of us are looking for marriage and so we are giving the baby up for adoption. I recently selected a couple and actually just asked them today if they are willing, and I'm waiting back for a response. But really all is well and life is good.

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