Friday, August 5, 2011


Ok truthfully nothing's happened. But everyone else is updating their blogs with these exciting things going on, so I figured I'd let you all know that we're the same as before!

Aly's crawling everywhere, getting into everything, and it's so fun. She climbs up and stuff and scares me to death. She loves getting chased by her dad. She has this high pitched squeal that she'll let out as soon as she thinks she might be close to about being chased! She has decided that nap time is not her thing, but she's SOOOO grouchy by bedtime that I'm still being "mean mom" and making her take one. Currently she's in her bed screaming. Anyone have a way to make it easier?? We do it at the same time everyday, and with the same routine. But she doesn't get it. Morning naps are definitely easier than Afternoon naps. And bedtime's not usually too hard either. Just that dang 3o'clock nap time. Other than that, she's just trying to learn out to be brave enough to walk without holding our hands or the couch. Yesterday was the first time she stood up off the floor by herself without using the couch or someone as leverage, so we're making positive steps towards actual steps! :)
Loren will have been at his job for a year on Monday so he's got a meeting to discuss a raise. :) Wish us luck. Otherwise he's still looking for a part-time job. If anyone knows of anything, or needs computer work done please let me know! He can fix almost anything, clean up virus, etc...macs or pcs, doesn't matter. Thanks for the help!
I'm just trying to become a better housewife and mom. Part of that is actually making dinner for my family every night. It's getting more necessary cuz AlyRae doesn't like baby food anymore. She only wants the good stuff that she can feed herself. That means I need to make some of that! I made myself a really cute menu board out of a mirror and have been using that to get a little more organized. So progress is happening. :)
We're just looking forward to 2 weddings this month. Loren is a groomsman in one and the best man in another so we're going to be busy with that! Stay tuned :)


  1. Pshhh Those are very exciting updates!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes I agree! Thank you for the update! :)