Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Bad.

I'm world's worst blogger :). I think about blogging, then I never get around to doing that :).
Alysha has been trying to walk. She's walking while holding our fingers, but she's still a little to scared and unsteady to venture out on her own. Alysha loves to wave, clap, and sing. She's such a ray of sunshine in our lives. Loren and I can't imagine our life without her. I just love when she wakes up laughing and wants to cuddle. Alysha is always hugging us. She loves to read books and she will tell you that a cow says mmmmmmmooooo. :).
We took Aly to Lava Hot Springs for an evening and she LOVED swimming in the warm water. It was a wonderful evening spent with Loren's parents and his sister's family.
On September 4th Loren and I got to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! It's gone by so fast. On the 2nd Loren took me out to dinner at Stockman's and then we went and saw the movie Crazy, Stupid Love. It was VERY funny. On the 3rd Loren was very secretive. At about 8 o'clock he ran out and picked up our baby-sitter. We picked up some chinese food then he blindfolded me. He drove me to his office and led me upstairs. He'd set up a romantic dinner for us on the roof of his office building! He had music playing and lights. It was just beautiful. Then we set up a projector and watched a movie on the side of the building. I was so surprised!
Tuesday I got my tonsils and adenoids out. This is not a good experience. I'm just hoping that it'll be good in the long run. I have not been able to eat anything other than popsicles, jello, and very watered down mashed potatoes. The pain pills make me very nauseous. And without any food in my stomach I feel very weak and dizzy all the time. I have not been able to lay flat for 3 days. The one thing I'm VERY grateful for is that my mom is here taking care of Alysha. And me. She's been so wonderful. And luckily Alysha's been really good too. She's very comfortable with my mom and has not had any issues without me. I just can't wait until I feel better again. Hopefully by next week. But it could be another 10 days according to the doctor. Ugh.

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