Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Stalker...I mean Slacker.

Goodness. I'm really good at reading everyone else's blog. I'm just not very good at writing on my own.
Get ready for a bomb of pictures cuz I'm going to try to upload some!
Loren surprised me with a fantastic 21st birthday! We spent the night in Logan eating sushi, cheesecake, and dancing! It was so wonderful to see my friends and to just relax!
This is Alysha's new thing. She points at everything :)

We spent the weekend in Provo/Herriman after my birthday. We went the Brian Stokes Mitchell concert at BYU and then spent the night at Loren's brother's family. They took us to Gardner's village and we spent a great afternoon looking at all the festive witches!
On our way home from Provo we stopped back in Logan to celebrate Loren's brother's birthday and attend Aly's first hockey game. I SIMPLY LOVE HOCKEY. So fun! There were some great fights too :) Night well spent.
Aly's 1st birthday party! We had it a few weeks early so that my mom and grandparents who were visiting could celebrate with us! Aly didn't really enjoy herself cuz travelling gives her a tummyache for a few days, but luckily everyone understood. :) She's so fun!
Aly's new outfit from her Great-Grandma Smith....sorry, I don't know how to rotate! Ugh. This is what I woke up to one morning. Aly had taken her diaper off and there was poop EVERYWHERE. And she was SO proud! :( It was a lot to clean up...
The next few are from our adventures at the Corn Maze! Ignore my appearance...
Aly's 2nd 1st birthday party! This one was the day after her birthday. She loves to read and was very excited about her presents! Again...ignore my appearance.

We got her a ball pit. She loves it! But even with 120 balls we need to buy more. There's just not enough!
Aly's cupcake :)

Loren got Aly a baby stroller and she just LOVES it! It's adorable!!
More with the ball pit.
Aly LOVES peek-a-boo. :D

If this video's a video of Alysha walking with her stroller! She needs NO help and will not take it! However she still can't turn around herself. It adorable.
Happy 1st birthday Alysha! Mommy loves you!!

Her stats:
Height 31.25 inch 98%
Weight 21.5 lbs 75%
Head circumference 17 inch 10%

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  1. Yay for blog updates! Looks like a couple great birthdays!