Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

This year we were crazy and decided it would be a good idea to go to Pocatello for New Year's Eve. It was super fun to see our friends that recently moved there. And we got to meet Loren's brother's new girlfriend, but trying to get up 4 hours after falling asleep to go to church was not a great plan!
2011 was a good year. We got to take many trips to see family, including my trip to DC and our camping week with my Grandparents. We were able to attend Loren's sister's wedding. Aly learned to crawl, walk, talk, clap, wave, and some animal noises. She's so darling. She's the most special thing in our lives. Loren and I are so blessed to have her. I love our little family. :)
Goals for the year including eating healthier, being happier, and keeping the house cleaner. I need to lose weight, but that's not as important to me and simply eating better and helping my family eat better. Adding more veggies into our diet, etc. I just want to be happier with myself, to feel more content.

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