Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exciting Things to Come!

Loren and I have been planning to take a trip out to my parent's house and we finally have bought our tickets and finalized our plans! We're so excited to get out of Idaho for a week in May! I'm already starting to have anxiety about flying with Aly again (in the form of nightmares of never finding my gate) but I think it'll go smoother than last time since Loren will be with me :). I'm so excited to show him all the things I got to see last year and experience some new things with him! And I haven't seen my dad and siblings in over a year! It'll be great for them to see Alysha in person and see all the fun new things she's doing.
Aly can now say many words! She says "please" "food" "more" and "all done" in sign language. She says "ball" "thank you" "hi" "bye" "cookie" "daddy" "mama" "baby" "peekaboo" "wow" "purple" "yum" and she knows almost all her letter sounds (Thanks LeapFrog). It's so fun to see her figure out a new way to communicate the way she's feeling. Loren and I have to be extra careful now cuz she repeats everything we say! Yesterday she decided "flower" was the word of the day. She loves to play patty-cake and peekaboo and she loves to sing the wheels on the bus. We're trying to sing the alphabet song, but she's not really picking that one up. Not as many fun actions probably. She has a butterfly book that she loves to read that has all the colors and she'll gladly point the purple one, blue one, and yellow one out. She RUNS! It's pretty funny actually cuz she uses her left arm to propel herself forward. She likes to color and paint with water (Thanks Granny!) She loves to jump! Loren got a kids trampoline for free over the weekend and we set it up in her room (for now, it's a little big....) and now jumping is even more fun! She loves to swing and go down the slide at the park. She's definitely a climber. Sometimes I find her in very strange places. She has never tried to climb out of her crib, but I keep finding that she's climbed into it! She loves to watch Little Einsteins. Which is totally fine with me. I love that they bring in real art and classical music into their episodes. She loves when they pat their legs. She now can tell us whenever she wants her diaper changed. She also knows that she needs to take my hands and pull them along if I'm not doing what she wants. All day she take my hand and leads me to the kitchen and points. She can also go get anything I need. Every time I tell her to get her shoes on, she goes and gets 2 shoes for me. They usually don't match... but progress! :) She's so much. I love being able to be home with her while Loren works for our family.
There is ONE exciting thing to come that's not. I don't mind writing this cuz I think I have like 3 people reading this....It's pretty heart breaking that it's taking so long, but I'm sure there's a good reason. All in good time I suppose. And 1 thing it's teaching me is patience. And it makes me that much more grateful for Alysha. So for right now I'm just enjoying her!

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