Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Tiny Update

I was really going to try harder to blog this year..... so far it's not working out according to plan :)

We've been having such a good year! Aly is getting smart. She can tell us what she wants without using any words! I'm not always rights at guessing, but she's usually pretty patient. (Read: screams until I get it right) She's really into books right now. At home. When we try to go to storytime at the library she gets very frustrated that there's other kids there and she's not allowed to turn the pages herself. She's been sick for a couple weeks. Started out as a cold, but I think it's maybe a little more now. Hopefully we can get her better soon! Maybe if the weather would stop yo-yoing. She's also getting very good at helping us get her dressed and otherwise. She LOVES to play dress-up. Including all mommy's jewelry. She's pretty good at her animals sounds and her letter sounds (Thanks Leapfrog and Aunt Marlene!). She loves to be outside and going down the slide. She likes to help push the cart at the store. Especially if we're not going fast enough for her. I still want to get rid of the binkie, but dad hasn't seen the light yet, so she's still using it. Which I suppose is good at church.
I've been working a lot and trying to get better too. I also got the cold :(. I have to sing tomorrow night at our relief society dinner and on Friday night for an audition, so I've been trying to get my voice back to where I know it can be. It's a lot of work, since I haven't really been singing the past year or so. But my cords seem to remember a little bit so it's coming :). Loren and I decided that we'd take our tax return and (after spending a little bit of it on a Wii) use it as a down payment for a house! So this week we're starting to house hunt a bit too. I think Thursday we're going to take a list and drive around a little bit after work and drive past a few houses. We're SO ready to be out of our apartment. It'll be nice to be in our own place. It's a pretty big step tho, cuz we've been tossing around the idea of moving back to Utah over the past year, but I think we've decided that we're going to plant in Idaho for a bit. For Valentine's this year Loren got me a parakeet! It's been fun to see Alysha interact with it and I love hearing the little tweets too :). In a new house, maybe I can talk Loren into getting a kitten ;) Wish me luck!

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