Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Right Things

Isn't it amazing that even when things are going bad as long as you keep "keeping on" things will work out. Even though I've lost my job, I still will receive paychecks until the middle of July, so that gives me lots of time to find another job. Even though Loren missed registration and nobody bothered to tell him, he was able to email the professors and he got accepted into 3 classes. We have the prospects of a house to live in also. Hopefully we'll hear back from the lady soon. And even my problems with all my "systems" have started to fix themselves...except the whole losing hair thing, I don't get that. We just have to keep attending our church meetings and reading scriptures with Aly and having family prayer every night. And Loren got to attend the temple on Saturday and that brings such strength into our family. I'm going next Wednesday :).

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