Friday, November 2, 2012

A Home

I haven't had an opportunity to blog in a while. I feel like life is moving so fast!
So the pregnancy is going really good. I feel a bit different than I remember feeling last time, so I wonder if maybe it's a boy? But my sister-in-law pointed out to me that lots of things are different this time too. I'm under a LOT less stress than last time so it could just be my body reacting a little bit better to being invaded. :) We find out in 2 weeks the gender and I can't wait! I'm excited to be able to talk more seriously about some names, and plan our next year a little bit more.
Today we met with our realtor and signed a house offer. TALK ABOUT SCARY! Loren and I are real adults now ;). It's a short sale so we might have to wait up to 3 months to hear back, but we're really hopeful. Every time we walk through the house, we leave feeling more like we want to live there. There's another offer out there for it, but we're really hoping we can look more attractive than them. Always accepting prayers in our behalf!
We really feel so blessed right now tho. Loren got a raise yesterday and we are just so grateful that we both have good jobs right now. And that the baby's doing good. Aly's potty training is going ok. She's going about half the time in the potty. But she holds it most of the day. Then she goes while she's sleeping after lunch or at night. She has an iron bladder. But stickers and candy are helping us convince her to go in the potty. And she does like to wear panties.
Goodness I'm so tired all the time. I can't even think if there's anything else worth reporting on right now! Did this post even make sense? I think it was just a scattered bunch of thoughts :). Happy Friday!

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