Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So my good friends had a baby girl on Sunday and that got me even more excited for our own event on Monday! We got to have our 20 week ultrasound Monday afternoon. It was such a good feeling to see the baby squirming around up on the screen. I just feel so blessed every time I feel it move around. I'm so grateful for this baby. And we got to find out that our prayers had been answered and we're having another girl!! It may seem like a silly thing to pray about, but we really wanted a sister for Aly. We're so excited to see our two girls growing and playing together. I'm so excited to get out the baby clothes again and start getting their room set up. But I'm holding off til February. Promise. :)

Now on to Thanksgiving. Heaven help me to make it to Friday without saying something snotty to my in-laws. Everyone's been driving me crazy lately. EVERYONE. And I know my in-laws would take it personally.

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