Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Well we lost the house. The bank accepted a different offer, so we are back in the search again. Which I'm a little bit mixed about. I felt pretty sad when we first found out, but now I'm ok. As I think I said before, I didn't feel comfortable with the area of town that the house was in. And it didn't have a garage, or grass...And this kinda gives us another chance to step back and look at where we're at again. We're comfortable here, but we'd like to move for sure. This gives Loren another chance to apply in Utah again and see what we might be able to get.
In other news Aly is growing great. She's expanding her vocabulary like a crazy person. She talks constantly and she's started repeating the words of songs in the car, which is super cute. But it's making me a little bit more aware of what I'm watching on tv while she's awake, or the music I'm blasting in the car. (She loves Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae btw) She's also taken to playing with her doll a lot more too. It's fantastic! I'm so glad she's getting more into creative play and not just getting into my stuff anymore. She's going to be a good big sister. And I'm so excited for Christmas. She'll love it! She loves Santa. But she'll love him even more when she see what he brings her this year. :)
The baby girl is also growing fabulously! She moves around just as much as her sister does. I'm very excited for her to get here in just 16 short weeks!

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