Saturday, January 16, 2010


I think I can successfully say that I have the best friends ever!! I spent about 4 hours last night in the emergency room with the most intense pain I've ever felt in my whole life. Syd picked me up at my house about 7 with the intent for us to go to the mall and buy her some new perfume. But when I burst into tears and couldn't stop we decided that it would be better if I spent my time at the hospital last night. So she drove me home to pick up my insurance info and then over to Logan Regional. We got in there with me barely walking. Honestly I thought I was going to pass out before I got some help. So I got issued a bracelet and told that all the rooms were full and they'd try and get in me in as fast as possible. So we sat in the waiting room for about a half hour waiting for help. Syd had the smart brain out of the two of us. So while a nurse talked to me about trying to find me a room and I tried to concentrate on breathing, Syd called Loren. He talked to me for a minute and told me he'd be there soon and to call my parents. So I called them and they told me to keep them updated and to let them know if I wanted them to come down or not, which I didn't think would be necessary. Syd also called Colby and he came right over too. So finally the nurse got me back into a room, just as the pain was starting to subside...OF COURSE. That's what always happens. So spent about forever waiting! But I told them what was going on and how I really felt like I was dying! I was so scared cuz of my breathing and everything, but they were all super nice and helpful and all. They drew out about half my blood and gave me an IV with some fluids and some pain medication and also some stuff for nausea, which was TOTALLY helpful! I started to feel tons better. Then they ran a bunch of tests trying to figure out what it could be. When they got the results back and found out that basically my body was functionally perfectly except my WBC was WAY too high, they couldn't really figure out what wrong except that I was still in pain and that it was starting to become apparent around my appendix. So they started prepping me for possibly having my appendix taken out. They sent me in to get a CT scan. Which is a very weird procedure. They fill up your intestines with water (very uncomfortable) then they injected an iodine solution into my IV to make everything show up. It gave me a huge heat flash, which wasn't actually as bad as what the tech told me it would be. The heat was more comfortable than actually hot. I was freezing! And so the iodine solution actually warmed me up a bit, but once the whole scan was done I was back to being freezing! They kept bringing me warm blankets, but they didn't last warm very long before I'd need a new one. So then it was back to waiting again. Luckily my friends are the best and entertaining me! They're so hilarious and very distracting from the pain that was growing in my abdomen again. Finally the doctor came in and told me that the CT scan was going my appendix as a little swollen, but not really. I could just have a bigger appendix than normal people. So they discharged me with instructions to come back if it gets bad again or worse or if I start throwing up or getting dizzy again or anything like that. So my friends took me out to get something to eat, but I was mostly just exhausted!! I was so flipping tired. We ended up just going home. When I got into my apartment I started crying again. This time not cuz of the pain but because I was so scared to be alone. My roommates are in California and Salt Lake this weekend and so I was left alone with no car and no phone hoping that the pain didn't come back and me not have a way to get ahold of anyone. So I talked to Loren for a few minutes and feeling a little reassured I put myself to bed. Finally at 1230. I tossed around til about 2 when I finally relaxed enough to ignore the pain and fall asleep. I woke up this morning and took some of the pain medication they prescribed for me and I've been feeling a little better. There's still that dull pain in my side, but it hasn't gotten worse or changed in anyway, so hopefully that's a good sign. As far as I'm concerned I think I'll be ok and not have to have my appendix out...yet ;). So bring it on BSU! I'll be cheering my Aggies on to victory from my 3 row seat tonight in the SPECTRUM!! :)


Life's been good. Went dancing again this week which was amazing. Spent lots of time with Loren which of course always makes me happy :) and other than that I have just been working and chugging away at life. I got offered a job in Pennsylvania for the summer which I'm 98% sure I'm going to accept. It'll be a good experience to go somewhere so far away where I literally know NOBODY! It should be fun :)

Things I hate right now:

The bruise in my arm...from the IV last night. It hurts!
being cold...still in the basement

Things I love right now:

Syd, Loren, Colby...they're the best. I love them so much!!
2010...I'm so grateful that I live in this time and place where I can get medical attention right away, without having to pay up front, or an arm and a leg! :) I'm thankful for the doctors and nursing staff at Logan Regional who were so wonderful to me last night when I was scared out of my brains.
Cell phones...because of Syd's and Loren's phones last night I was able to call my dad about 6 times throughout the evening and keep them all informed and reassured that I was getting the help I needed.

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