Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally Some Good News

So today we finally got the sellers signed forms back! They've agreed to fix the roof :). Loren got to go up and look at it today with a mold specialist. He said it basically looks like whoever redid the roof 9 years ago just covered up the damage with another layer instead of ripping it out and replacing it. Just laziness. And maybe a little bit of the previous owners lack of desire to pay for the work it would be. Anyway it's good news for us because it appears to have been a slow problem over the past 10 years and it's so much better than it could have been. Either way we're happy to know that they're going to take us seriously and fix the problem so we aren't faced with having to walk away from this house that we are excited to be moving into. :)

Also had a DR appointment this week and was very happy to discover that my blood pressure is still perfectly normal. This is the time in my last pregnancy that it started going really high and I had to pass tests and stuff, but not so far! I also passed my glucose test with flying colors which is really amazing with the amount of chocolate that I eat. :) This baby has a serious sweet tooth. :)

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