Monday, May 6, 2013

Evelyn's Entrance

So with all the hip and back pain I'd had this pregnancy I think everyone's aware of how ready to be done with pregnancy I was. I think Loren's even questioning having any more kids because of how I was the last couple weeks of this one. Let's just say that my hormones were fairly out of wack and he worried for my mental state. But then the DR decided to play with me again and he set an induction date...and then changed it. I spent the last 5 days of my pregnancy very angry and ornery and spent most of my time crying and trying to tell the baby to vacate the premises. But nevertheless she stayed in and I ended up getting induced March 25th, 4 days before my due date.

After a late start (because it took so much longer to get us all up and ready to go than I thought) we finally dropped Aly off at my aunt and uncle's house for the day and got to the hospital about 5:45 AM. I got checked into my room and got all the monitors on me. And I was having contractions already! (I could have told them that everyday for the past week). But they weren't regular or strong so they started the PIT and we settled in for the day. The baby was just like Alysha was- it wouldn't leave the monitor alone, so we saw A LOT of the nurse as she had to frequently come hold the monitor on my belly so the computer would stop freaking out. Loren and I tried to get some sleep as we hadn't gone to bed til very late the night before trying to get last minute things done.

I kept getting checked and I wasn't progressing as quickly as I wanted to, especially about 10 when the contractions started coming much stronger. They were coming about on top of each other, without a break, but my water still hadn't broken and the nurse said I was only at a 3cm. So finally about 11 I convinced her to get the anesthesiologist for my epidural.

After getting my epidural I was magically at a 6cm and about 10 minutes later my water broke on it's own. So when the DR came to check me at 12:30 and he said it wouldn't be much longer I rejoiced!

About 2 o'clock the nurse checked me and sent someone to call the Dr as I was very ready to deliver. He got there and coached Loren a little bit and at 3:03 PM Loren delivered our little Evelyn Joy.  She had the cord wrapped around her neck, but she starting crying right away and was JUST FINE!

I made sure the nurse knew that I wanted to breastfeed right away so as soon as the Dr was out and she was cleaned up I fed her, hoping to establish that good habit early. I really wanted breastfeeding to work for me this time. So far so good! It's been 6 weeks and Evelyn is growing really well and hasn't had any formula.

Anyway, we visited with a little family that night and then settled down to just be with the baby. Luckily Loren's parents were willing to come up and watch Aly so he could spend that night with me in the hospital. Not that he wakes up at night ;) but it was nice to have him there. The next day we got the ok from both my and Evelyn's drs to go home, but they both wrote in their notes to discharge Wednesday, so when we tried to leave later Tuesday afternoon, we got met with a little resistance from the nurse. Finally they got ahold of both drs to make sure we were good to go and to get me a Rx for pain meds (:)) and we took our little family home!

The past few weeks have definitely taken some adjustments, but we've grown so much together learning about this new little girl that's come into our lives. She's definitely different from Alysha, but that's what makes it fun :). And we feel so much more relaxed this time around too.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to have our family over and blessed Evy at church. It was such a wonderful experience and we're so grateful for all the support that we received and for everyone that traveled to be with us. (Which was basically everybody :))

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