Friday, May 10, 2013

When it rains it pours....


So yesterday Loren and I were having a conversation. We have gotten two of the medical bills from Evelyn's birth and one of them we paid right away because it was so manageable and the other isn't scary either. Although it's the exact same bill (my epidural) that we got when Alysha was born, the amount didn't worry us like it did last time. With Alysha's arrival came the stress of money and collections and a huge learning experience for us about paying bills. I hated to check the mail because of the scary things I'd find in there. We struggled with keeping all the places straight that we owed money and it took almost 18 months for us to finally get it all sorted out and Alysha 2 years old by the time we got everybody paid out. So yesterday after receiving this bill in the mail we talked about how much more relaxed we were. How it didn't seem so high anymore and how much better prepared we are this time around. How we knew where to expect our money to go and how we had money to send there! Mistake #1.

As I left for Zumba last night, I noticed that the sprinklers were on in the front yard and I remember thinking to myself, "I'd better remember to check those when I get home and if they're still on, turn them off." I didn't. So Loren woke up this morning and was leaving for work when he saw that they had been left on all night. Oops. He turned them off and thought about how high our water bill will be and how green our grass will be :).

Tonight we went downstairs and were about to play our new Wii game when Loren thought the carpet seemed a little damp by the couch. He asked me why, and I couldn't think of anything that I'd spilled there this afternoon so I walked over to see if maybe it was just cold over there and he thought it was wet? It was wet. So we pulled the couch away from the wall and it was VERY wet. The carpet was soaked. Loren started pulling away the carpet and the baseboards and we discovered everything VERY wet for a space about 2x10 feet. We still can't be sure how it got in, just that it is. The wall isn't affected so it can't have come down from the window well, but who knows. Anyway, Loren called a clean-up company here in town and the guy on-call, out of the goodness of his heart, came over for a free consult. (Probably hoping for some business, little did he know that Loren's worked for a clean-up company and just wanted a second opinion) The guy said that he'd charge $150 to take care of it all. But that if we dried it out really well with fans and replaced that portion of the pad we'd be good to go. So now we had a plan.

While we're downstairs looking at it after the guy left, we hear flowing water. Dismissed it at first, because the washing machine was running, but quickly realized that we shouldn't hear the washing machine draining, turned on the light, and found water flowing from the ceiling in our laundry room. I had left Aly upstairs in the bathtub while I cleaned the living room up and she had been dumping cups of water out of the bathtub and it was draining through the wall behind the toilet.

Luckily the laundry room downstairs isn't finished so the water drained nicely into a drain and there was so messy sheet-rock on the ceiling. But still. The previous owners had failed to mention that they'd also had this problem because upon pulling away the insulation...well let's just say that the ceiling is quite a mess. But it's also not something that we can need to do anything about right away.

I'm ready for bed.

Loren went to the store to get a box fan and he said he fully expected a freak hail storm in the house while he was gone. I think he's ready to throw me away, even though he says he doesn't blame me for any of it.

Teaches us to talk about being comfortable...

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