Friday, May 3, 2013


Moving weekend

We were so blessed by all the people that came to help us this weekend! We closed on our house early Friday morning, the 1st of March. It really didn't take that long and then we were just waiting for it to finish getting processed. We thought about going out to celebrate, but we really just wanted to be out of the apartment so we went back there to finish packing. In the afternoon we got the keys and starting taking loads over ourselfs in the back of our van. We got a good lot packed in there and made a couple trips. Then some friends from the ward (and Alysha's favorite baby-sitters) came over to help and we made a couple good trips in their suburban, while Alysha stayed at their house with their kids. Then I got left at the house while Loren went back to the apartment to help the Elder's Quorum load up. They put it all in a couple trucks and only made 2 trips! There were SOOO many of them, including most of the Young Men from the ward too. One Brother even stayed afterwards and set up a bed for us. Then we went and picked up Aly and CRASHED. We were exhausted.
The next morning we celebrated moving at IHOP and headed to the apartment for what we thought would be 3 hours of cleaning. Over 10 hours later we were glad for the relief society, angry with our landlord, thankful to be out of there, and just happy to be home-owners! 
Making the adjustment to the new ward has been slow-going. We encountered the same kind of mentality from some people that we had at our last ward- mainly that they thought we'd moved into the apartments across the street from our house and therefore weren't all that apt to getting to know us. But since we've pushed that rumor away, people are getting a little bit more friendly and we're slowly starting to make friends.

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