Thursday, February 21, 2013


So got my hips adjusted and I was impressed. It was super easy. And it made me feel better simply because the DR confirmed that something was wrong! My left hip was up higher than my right and my L4 vertebrae and sacrum were twisted in opposite directions and stuck there. I feel immediate relief when I sat up after getting it fixed, although I did feel a bit of muscle soreness for a little bit afterwards. But I knew the true test was going to come the next morning when I woke up and tried to get out of bed. I slept so much better last night. It was WAY easier to roll over and I didn't feel like crying once an hour. Getting out of bed was much easier this morning. I still feel lots of stretching and soreness in my upper belly after walking around, but I think I just need a support belt. Anybody used one? Is it worth it to buy one for 5 remaining weeks, or not worth the money?

Been spending the afternoons each day packing and I'm starting to make a dent...I think...I've got most of my clothes all packed and all our books. Loren's got most of his clothes packed too and our pots and pans, etc. I think next I'm going to start tackling Alysha's room. She doesn't play with half her toys anyway and heaven knows she has way more 2T clothes than she's going to wear in the next week. Saturday's going to be the biggest packing day for us. Moving most our stuff to the garage so it's out of the way and then it's just waiting for our closing day to get here. Less than a week!

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