Friday, December 11, 2009


It throws you curves doesn't it. It seems so trivial how we spend our days, and then you have one that really matters something to you and you realize how short life can be. You realize that you have to take everyday as something special and not let it slip by meaningless. Events like what happened to me last night make you honestly see that you have to make the choice to be happy. That no one can make it for you no matter how desperately they try. It's a concious effort and struggle that we have with ourselves everyday and I wanna win! :) I wanna beat myself into shape and just always be happy! Not let anything stand in my way from what I want.

I've just been working like crazy!! The kids have been so well-behaved and it's been a breeze. Which is good cuz I haven't been in the mood to discipline.
Also my roommates and I have been having lots of fun Christmas shopping, and decorating, and I'm ready to make fudge so the holidays are upon us!! :)
And I'm super looking forward to AGGIE BASKETBALL tomorrow night!! We've gotta come back from that shattering loss last week.

Things I hate right now:

Frostbite...i couldn't feel my ears last night! That's a very strange feeling
Exs...let's just kill them all...wait...that'd be me too... :)

Things I love right now:

Face paint...I have too much fun with that stuff
Hot Chocolate...mmm yes :)
My wonderful roommates...they're honestly the best I've ever had. (collectively, cuz I've had some bomb roommates before, but I've never loved all of them at once!)
Christmas...It's approaching! I'm excited to go home and spend time with my family :)

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