Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I shall never take my hair for granted ever again. Ever. Anyone who knows me really well can tell you that I love my hair. I do complain about it constantly, but I also obsess about it constantly too. I am always trying to fix it and find a mirror to look at it and buying new products to help it or dyeing and cutting it. Well yesterday I took my hair out of it's ponytail for the day and I looked in the mirror and found...a bald spot. Not just a place where a few hairs had been pushed out of place or something, but a spot a little bigger than a quarter where the hair had stopped growing. Right down to the scalp, all you could see was skin. Needless to say I FREAKED. So I showed first my dad and he examined it for a minute, said...hmmm that's weird show your mom...and sent me downstairs to her. I showed my mom and she very calmly said...well I guess if it gets bigger in the morning let us know... Yes my parents didn't find this alarming in the least!! So I, being the victim here, burst into tears! Of course, I went to the doctor today and he decided that it's a fungal infection and with proper medication and pharmacutical lotions it'll start to grow hair again...IN A MONTH. So now I'm faced with the problem of covering up a bald spot right on the top of my head for at least 4 weeks. Til it'll START to grow again and who knows how long it'll take for the hair to get as long as it is now all over again. Never again will I complain about the amount, the texture, the color, or the shape of hair that I have. AT LEAST I HAVE HAIR!!!


Other than my hair, it's been a relatively relaxing week home. I had a great Christmas full of present's that I was totally not expecting! Like my little sister made me an afgan, which in and of itself it cool, but she made it out of my granny's buffalo yarn, which makes it so special to me that I cried...yes I cried over a Christmas present...I must be getting old...But it means so much to me to have something made from Granny's yarn and the fact that the sister that I'm sure hates me made it for me is pretty sweet. Also I got to go shopping on Saturday and I'm down 2 pants sizes from 4 months ago! :) yay! This was uber happy news, thus I spent my life's savings :D. Also I met up with Lindsey for the blessed Canton which I miss all the time living in Logan. Oh. And I'm missing Sydnie and Loren like crazy!!! I've talked to Syd 3 times on the phone since I left town and Loren called me last night which made this week bearable again. I was starting to wonder if he missed me or if it was all me, but I feel like him calling me last night kinda says that there's something there. We hadn't talked in 3 days and I was going crazy, but I was afraid to call him (like Syd said I should) cuz I don't wanna force anything on him. I don't want to seem...for lack of a better word...needy, desperate, young, or high-maintenance. Cuz I don't believe that I'm any of those things. I just miss him is all. Saturday's coming fast tho! And I have a huge party to look forward to tomorrow night! Yippee!

Things I hate right now:

My bald spot...duh
Being mom keeps the heat, well, brisk...
Having no's my own fault tho
Being away from Logan...I do miss that place. That's how I know it's home now. When I get homesick being at home...? :)

Things I love right now:

The hair I have left!!!...yes!!!
My cell phone...such a blessing.
My family...ok I'll admit it. I do love being home! But I love living away from them too!
My nickname...people make think it's dumb...but I LOVE being Beeezer! :D

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